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Are you an organizer interested in helping elect a progressive leader who listens? A social media expert who wants to be involved in a progressive campaign? We are hiring a Field Organizer and a Social Media Coordinator! Look below for job descriptions and send your CV, cover letter and three references to to apply.

Social Media Coordinator
$15 / hour

Job Responsibilities
The Social Media Coordinator will work to accomplish the following:
-Actively create and lead social media and email campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Mailchimp to spread awareness of the campaign and the candidate
-Collaborate with the Campaign Manager and candidate on messaging, literature, and outreach efforts
-Identify areas for growth in outreach and awareness of the campaign, collaborate with campaign team to further develop social media and outreach strategy
-Create blogs and other outreach collateral
-Document events and create related social media content 
-Help identify key community events that will maximize campaign outreach and publicity
-Write press releases related to key campaign events and updates 

Successful applicants will demonstrate the following:
-Experience with all major social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube, knowledge of other networks a plus
-Brand/marketing strategy awareness and knowledge of social media campaign design and execution
-Excellent written and interpersonal skills
-Relationships with Democratic leaders, community activists and influencers a plus
-Ability to analyze social media insight data to optimize campaign performance
-Expand campaign reach through successful social media campaigns
-Knowledge of NationBuilder or other web platforms a plus
-Knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Console and SEO optimization a plus
-Assist team with outreach for fundraising efforts
-Collaborate with team on ad hoc tasks

Field Organizer
$15 / hour

Job Responsibilities
The Field Organizer will work to accomplish the following:
-Help build volunteer base through recruiting, motivating, and managing volunteers for canvassing, phone banking and data entry and working (either directly or through volunteers) to ensure that databases are organized and kept up to date
-Executing assertive GOTV strategies, via phone and door-to-door contact
-Connect with district delegates to drive support for the campaign
-Lead phone banks and canvasses, ensuring that all GOTV contact goals are met
-Supervise and train volunteers
-Support fundraising activities
-Represent the campaign at events
-Assist Campaign Manager and team with event coordination and related strategic outreach

Applicants should expect to work weekday nights and weekend days. 

Successful applicants will demonstrate the following:
-Knowledge and experience with the Voter Activation Network (VAN) is a plus
-Previous experience as an organizer or campaign staffer is encouraged
-Strong time management and work ethic
-Ability to motivate volunteers to reach campaign goals
-Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
-Stamina to canvass and spend extended periods of time on calls
-Capacity to adapt quickly and accomplish campaign goals
-Proactive, dependable, and results-oriented
-Ability to maintain confidentiality
-Working knowledge of local politics and relationships with Democratic leaders is preferred

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