Issues & Priorities


The future of our district is in the hands of our youth, so making sure they have the best education possible is paramount. There is a proverb that it takes a village to raise a child, and it's a value I was raised on in my community. I believe that education should be free from the moment a child walks into preschool to the time they walk across the stage to collect their college diploma. 

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To improve the living conditions of our residents, we must work to provide adequate employment opportunities for both youth and adults. This can be achieved by providing job training and skill development opportunities, and utilizing public-private partnerships to work towards a goal of full employment. 

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Throughout our district, one of the main concerns among our residents continues to be finding affordable housing. I believe housing is a human right, maybe the most important one. I understand that there is not a single solution that will work for everyone. 

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Indigenous Issues

With my campaign, I want to reach out and include everyone. In the course of researching our district, I came upon a number that shocked me: the median income of a Native American households is less than a third of black households. 

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For too long, our district has remained the poorest in the state of Minnesota. I don't believe that this is the result of some deficiency among our residents; I know that we are plagued by the same inequalities that plague our nation at large. However, our district doesn't have the luxury of being able to ignore them. 

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