Indigenous Issues

With my campaign, I want to reach out and include everyone. In the course of researching our district, I came upon a number that shocked me: the median income of a Native American households is less than a third of black households. 

Part of this is an addiction issue: due to poverty and countless other factors, drug use is 75% more likely among Natives than the populace at large. Many lack access to even basic rehabilitative treatment, let alone sober housing. This type of basic, necessary care shouldn't be hard for us to provide.

It seems the least we can do. I believe that, in our district, we will be able to come together and provide holistic care for our Native brothers and sisters, and that we can and should, at their direction, help them back on their feet. I believe in the saying “nothing about us, without us” when it comes to representation. Natives should not only have a say, but lead the way in every step of this process. To that end, I think that we should incentivize Natives to open and operate their own businesses as much as possible. The American Indian Cultural Corridor is a good start. It is the only urban American Indian corridor in the country.

Activists have been fighting to create these spaces for years, and it’s up to us to come together to not only support them, but further them, so that we can all have a hand in making our District the best it can be.

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