To improve the living conditions of our residents, we must work to provide adequate employment opportunities for both youth and adults. This can be achieved by providing job training and skill development opportunities, and utilizing public-private partnerships to work towards a goal of full employment. 

I know unpaid internships are a completely unneccessary form of gatekeeping: I've worked in one myself. Most of the youth in our district aren't as lucky as I was, and they simply cannot afford the opportunity to take on unpaid positions, a problem that compounds later by leaving them a step behind their peers. I believe that unpaid internships are, quite frankly, wrong. No one is more or less qualified for a job because of what their family can afford. Because of all this, I will work to end them. When I was employed at a community college, I made sure to get kids paid internships. Some people need both pay and experience. I had multiple people worry whether or not they should even finish college when their situation will still be so precarious when they graduate. If they can plan that far ahead for themselves, so should we.

Rather than having our youth remain a step behind their peers in other districts year after year, we must fight to provide them more chances to succeed, through youth summer programs and jobs with fair wages. I believe that, if given a truly equal chance, they will show the brilliance that we see in them every day

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